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Project Description
This project is the Holistic Data Warehouse Template. Included are the 3 MS XL spreadsheet reporting models as described in the book Holistic Data Warehousing.

This Template is multi-purpose and requires no modification other than you populating it according to the book examples

The template is for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and the demonstration load is a Visual Studio project for SQL Server Integration Services. The Excel reporting spreadsheets were developed in Excel 2007 . These all can be used in your business without modification. Two of the reports are specifically for manufacturing businesses and provide a "Full Supply Chain" analysis by drilling back through your production data, using an innovative "data weaving" query to find all related information.

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The book documents the template, demonstration loads and reporting. The other goal of the book is to detail our Holistic Data Warehousing philosophy, strategy and Full Supply Chain reporting

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